Shipping & Delivery

How does Shipping Work?

We offer two different Shipping Rates. Domestic Shipping is offered to our clients who are based outside of the State of Connecticut and is contingent on current USDA laws regarding shipping plant materials. Prices are based on plant weight. For those customers who reside in the State of Connecticut, once you put your address in at checkout, due to Shopify restrictions, you will only be offered one option for shipping titled "Local Pickup" which is free. Should you still require shipping please call our Office and ask to speak with the Greenhouse Manager for details and pricing. 


Do you deliver locally?

Yes, we do deliver. Delivery is estimated by drive time from the Nursery to your location and back, plus the time to drop the plants. Anything under 20 minutes, for orders of over $100, is free. We also have the ability to install the plants upon request. Please see the Greenhouse Manager for further details or for an estimate. 

The Cut Flower Field  

How do I harvest Cut Flowers? 

Everything Botanical provides all the supplies necessary to harvest your own Cut Flowers. The best time of day for cutting is early in the morning, right after we open or later in the afternoon closer to when we close. This keeps your flowers from being stressed by the heat of the day and makes them last longer. Due to the nature of our field, it is also more pleasant to harvest during those times in the heat of the summer. Our Greenhouse Manager will explain the best practices for cutting and cleaning flowers to get the longest lasting flowers. 

How are your Cut Flowers priced? 

Cut Flowers are priced based on how they are harvested. Cut-Your-Own Flowers are priced by the pound and get weighed out on a scale in our Office. We do have some flowers that are pre-harvested and chilled in buckets. These are priced by the stem or bunch, just like you would see at a florist. 

Can I order a floral arrangement at Everything Botanical? 

Yes, Everything Botanical does floral arrangements! We have multiple florists on staff who are capable of doing beautiful work. Generally, we like to source our material from what we grow so our availability can be seasonally dependent. To place an order with us please call and ask to speak with the Greenhouse Manager or email Devin at devin@everythingbotanical.com.  

The Nursery

What are Air-Pots®? 

Air-Pots® are a different type of nursery container that are built into a system instead of a standard nursery pot. They help encourage growth of fibrous roots instead of causing plants to become "root-bound" that can traditionally be seen when nursery stock is kept in a standard pot too long. Air-Pots® are made from recycled plastic and help us here at Everything Botanical llc continue our vision of sustainability. For more information visit air-pot.com. 

Why does Everything Botanical llc keep the Air-Pots® at the Nursery? 

We find that it is easiest to remove the Air-Pots® for the customer ourselves here at the Nursery and wrap the shrubs in burlap for the ride home to be planted. Keeping with our theme of sustainability, we re-use all of the Air-Pots® that we buy in. The Air-Pot® System allows the trees and shrubs to grow incredibly stable root balls, which travel very well. Our landscaping company can also install plants, see our Greenhouse Manager for an estimate. 

When do I prune...?

See our Greenhouse Manager for a printable version of a year-long pruning calendar that can be sent to your email!