Arbor Care

Everything Botanical llc can be there for any part of the life cycle of your trees. We will assist in choosing the right tree for the location and situation. We can ensure your trees are properly planted and given the right set up to thrive. Then we will be there for the early life pruning and fertilization of your young trees. Everything Botanical llc is prepared to maintain your mature trees from pruning to fertilization incorporating Integrated Pest Management best practices. Our staff will evaluate the tree and look for environmental clues for illness and diagnostics. Finally, we will be there for the removal of trees at the end of their life.  


We are available for storm or emergency needs. Everything Botanical llc is often called in to design plans to protect valuable trees during construction. Patrick uses the science behind the health of the tree to know the best ways to protect trees and their root systems from heavy machinery or foot traffic.


We offer a full selection of service including:



Pruning and Trimming

Foliar sprays for both trees and shrubs


Storm Clean-up

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Holistic Plant Health Care (PHC)

Root Feeding

Cabling and bracing

Placing Swings


Vertical Mulching