Abbey Taylor, Founding Partner
Abbey has been growing and selling plants since she was eight years old. She went to college to combine her love of plants with business and management skills and ultimately formed Everything Botanical LLC. Abbey has been running her own landscape company for 14 years. Ms. Taylor has a passion for plants of all types and an intense interest in environmental and social responsibility.

Patrick Taylor, Partner and Licensed Arborist
PatrickĀ is a licensed and insured arborist. He often works with the rest of the Everything Botanical team to integrate tree health care into a larger landscape plan. He uses his experience to head up the Plant Health Care (PHC) and Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Jim Leblanc, Landscape Design Partner
Jim joined Everything Botanical three years ago. Jim brings an integrated planning approach to design projects. Simplified as “sight line – insight – site plan,” the planning process assures the delivery of the clients visual and emotional experience. By working closely with local growers, installation of the plan is enhanced by ready access to plants, trees, and shrubs.

Juan, Foreman
Juan has been with Everything Botanical LLC for eight years. He maintains the largest of the Everything Botanical properties from lawn care, to perennial beds to containers, he has an eye for it all. Juan is also a trained tree climber and assists with arbor care. Juan has real enthusiasm for design and offers many of our clients the ideas and answers they need to move their property to the next level.

Angel, Manager
After working with Everything Botanical for the last eight years, Angel has begun to take over some of our most complicated perennial gardens. With an eye for subtlety and letting some of the best perennial pairings occur naturally, his involvment with the landscape lends itself to an effortless aesthetic which is indeed highly maintained.

Jenn, Bookkeeper
This is Jenn’s second year with the Everything Botanical team. She works in-office to process all billing and payments.

David, Technician
David has been with the Everything Botanical crew for three years. Half the week, David spends his time weed whacking with our mow crew to make sure all properties look neat and tidy. The other half he spends helping our landscape crews. His 6’4″ frame has saved countless hours dragging and moving ladders to tie and train vines.

Jose, Technician
For eight years in a row Jose has wowed our clients and our staff by trimming hedges with laser precision by eye. One of Jose’s other talents that we appreciate very much is his ability to weed two handed making him two times more efficient than your average weeder.

Pito, Technician
Pito started out as an everyday technician, and had come to specialize in water management for new plantings. He continues to assist all of our landscaping crews.

Susan, Greenhouse Manager
For the last two years, Susan has specialized in growing and maintaining our custom line of material in our on-site, organically maintained greenhouses.